Volpino Italiano - a breed portrait

The German Spitz Club is responsible for the italian Spitz »Volpino Italiano« since september 2005. The FCI standard No. is 195.

Although there are no active breeders in Germany they are sometimes seen in shows.

As most of the Spitz Clubs in neighbouring countries are already responsible for the Volpino Italiano and cooperation between dog clubs is constantly improving this was a sensible step.

The Volpino Italiano has a height at withers of between 25-30 cm and is either white or red-orange.

The head has a pyramid form with small pointed ears and round eyes, the body is square, and the coat is of straight, off standing hair with rough texture.

Volpino Italiano - Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V.


The valid breed standard can be downloaded here as PDF - or directly from the FCI site.

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