Zwergspitz/Pomeranian/Toyspitz - a breed portrait

With a height at withers of 18-24 cm it is the smallest German Spitz.

Its ancestors came to England over 200 years ago as Kleinspitz from Pommern. There they were renamed Pomeranian, bred to be smaller and exported throughout the world.

The english and american Pomeranian standards have no size limit, unlike the FCI standard, only a weight recommendation. In spite of this the maximum size seen is around 22 cm.

Zwergspitz - Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V.

The first Pomeranians returned to Germany in 1970 and were added to the Spitz family as Toyspitz. Breeders stabilized this breed and increased its popularity after much discussion regarding size and colour.

It must not be forgotten that the classic colour for this breed is orange.

Zwergspitz - Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V.

The special editions of the club magazine about "Zwergspitze" are No. 159 and No. 182. Only No. 159 is still available, a new edition is upcoming soon (see club magazine).


The valid breed standard can be downloaded here as PDF - or directly from the FCI site.

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